гной душевных ран надменно выставлять на диво черни простодушной (с)
черик, конечно же.
к сонету сначала подбираю рифмы, потом располагаю их в странном порядке, чтобы не казались совсем уж надуманными, потом получается вовсе не сонет.

hello to silence.
                          well, there's no big deal -
a glance, a usual check on what remains:
some dinnerware for children's happy meals,
boys' buckled belts
and clatter of girls' heels,
your own wheelchair, made of stainless steel,
rectangular backrest to ex-y wheels -
but no more steel that he could make you feel
by letting you inside his metal brain.

and now it all consists of barbed wire
that you can only crawl inside and steal
chaotic thoughts when you both sleep and seal
the holes before you both wake up.
                                                         then he'll
continue to take contol of hellfire
and you'll respond to winged guys' appeals.

now you, the silent demiurge, say: why are
the circumstances this extremely dire
to love that was too clear to reveal?

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